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VR roadmap

Q1 2020

Table-top demo

Q1 2021

Evaluation kit

Q1 2022

Evaluation kit


Compact VR headset
evaluation kit

VR Evaluation kit
technical specifications

Per eyeTodayTarget (2024)
Depth resolutionContinuousContinuous
Angular resolution at infinity40 px/° light-field40 px/° light-field
ResolutionL.-F.: 1 Mpix
Periphery: 1600×1440px
L.-F.: 1 Mpix
Periphery: 1600×1440px
FoV (diagonal)100°
(L.-F.: 36°)
(Light-field: 36°,
possibly movable)
Effective eyebox
(exit pupil)
13 mm
(7 mm)
> 13 mm
(7 mm)
Eye relief 17 ± 3 mm17 ± 3 mm
Colors5-10 M5-10 M
GPU loadFHD (equivalent)FHD (equivalent)
Frame rate160-240 HzUp to 180 Hz
Sub-frame rate3.8 – 7.6 kHzUp to 8.0 kHz
Spatial trackingIntel RealSense
Hand trackingUltraleapCustom
Eye trackingPupil LabsCustom
* Eye-tracking is not required for the essential function.