Raw through the lens pictures.
No post processing applied.

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Q1 2020

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Q1 2021

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AR Evaluation kit
technical specifications

Per eyeTodayTarget (2023)
Angular resolution at infinity20 px/°45 px/°
(MTF 60 px/°)
Modular resolution1 Mpix1 Mpix
Depth resolutionUnlimited*Unlimited*
FoV (diagonal)55°L.-F.: 30°
(Flat periphery: 60°) **
Effective eyebox
(exit pupil)
11 mm
(4 mm)
13 mm
(6 mm)
Eye relief27 mm18 mm
Colors1 M2 M
Rendering load
(equivalent to flat image)
Frame rate120 Hz150 Hz
Sub-frame rate2.9 kHz6.5 kHz
Brightness300 nitsUp to 7000 nits
Contrast1 000/11 000/1
Combiner typeCurved semi-reflectiveHolographic, prescription compatible
Power consumption3800 mW900 mW

*Resolution is finite, however much higher than the eye can resolve.
** Image consisting of high-resolution light-field in 30° FoV and possible low-resolution peripheral image up to 60° FoV.