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Q1 2020

Table-top demo

Q1 2021

Evaluation kit


AR glasses

AR Evaluation kit
technical specifications

Per eyeTodayTarget (2023)
Depth resolutionUnlimited*Unlimited*
SLM resolution1 Mpix1 Mpix
FoV60°60° (foveated)**
Eyebox6 mm> 8 mm
Colors> 1 M> 1 M
Frame rate120 Hzup to 270 Hz
Sub-frame rate2.9 kHzup to 6.5 kHz
6 DoF trackingIntel RealSense
Hand-trackingLeap Motioncustom

*Resolution is finite, however much higher than the eye can resolve.
** The image will consist of a high-resolution light-field in 30° FoV and a low-resolution peripheral image up to 60° FoV.