Flat displays:
AR weakest link

Most of today’s headsets use a flat display with a fixed focal distance, which amounts to a massive problem for the wide acceptance of AR, as it prevents precise interaction within the personal space.

Creal light field display solution

CREAL’s light field technology unlocks the full potential of AR. By removing the fixed focal plane and projecting true 3D images with actual focal depth, virtual objects can be blended with reality at any distance, without any visual conflict.

technology key benefits

  1. Genuine image depth

    offers extended usage without
    eye-strain or nausea.

  2. Transparent lens

    bringing an aesthetic look to AR
    glasses, without glow or rainbow effect.

  3. Prescription compatibility

    offering users a tailor-made experience matching their visual needs.

  4. High brightness

    enabling clear visual
    experience, even outdoor.

  5. Computational efficiency

    allows real-time light field rendering
    on mobile platform.

  6. Simple and robust system architecture

    enabling easy scalability.

Digital light field white paper

We are pleased to share our white paper, covering the optical challenges associated with AR, and outlining the benefits conferred by light field display technology.

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