AR Glasses for Every Prescription and Every Style

In a world where over 50% of us wear glasses, embracing the seamless integration of visual correction in AR glasses is going to be the key to bringing them to the general population and upgrading the current eyewear market. Much like traditional glasses, the customization of prescription lenses and frames plays a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of AR glasses. Additionally, for seamless integration into the market, aligning with existing eyewear manufacturing processes and supply chains is critical.

Early solutions for prescription AR glasses involve complex setups, such as sandwiching a flat waveguide between a prescription lens and a covering lens or clipping prescription inserts directly to the frame. While these approaches yield some positive results, they often compromise the aesthetic appeal of the glasses with thicker, bulkier, or flat lenses. Moreover, they require a substantial change from the established manufacturing processes for classical lenses.

Vision with far-sightedness and corrected vision with a +5 dioptres lens.
Light field reacts just like the real world does.

As a solution, CREAL developed a light field display that is fully compatible with classical prescription lenses, correcting both the real-world and virtual content. Only a thin and transparent holographic film is layered on top of the lenses to reflect the digital rays to the eyes. This solution offers unparalleled customizability, allowing normal prescription lenses to be applied to any chosen frame and to any shape, even unconventional ones like heart-shaped lenses (the cut of the film can be any shape at all). Remarkably, this can be achieved without disrupting the existing manufacturing processes and supply chains.

By providing real 3D, high-resolution digital images with standard corrective, transparent and efficient lenses (~50x more light-efficient than mainstream combiners – waveguides), CREAL’s unique light field technology allows AR glasses to be for everyone. This innovation is not just a game-changer; it’s a necessity for AR glasses and eyewear providers looking to harness the spatial computing era.

But first thing first, to get your glasses, you need a vision test. CREAL’s light field provides it too. – By incorporating its light field technology into a compact vision test device, CREAL offers digitalized, precise, self-operated and fast vision tests, drastically contrasting with traditional procedures. This innovation addresses a major bottleneck in the eyewear market: the time-consuming vision test before purchasing glasses. The full digitalization of vision tests allows for an on-the-spot evaluation within minutes, pursuing CREAL’s mission to offer the best visual experience in AR. To know more, visit: