First-ever glasses prescribed by light-field refraction test device!

CREAL’s mission is to display digital objects exactly in the same way the real world presents real objects, in order to provide you with the most natural, comfortable, and healthy visual experience.

We really care about people’s vision. It is our most important gateway to the world, after all. Because we can form the light-field, we can also transform and play with the light-field as we want. And so, we developed EOS, a vision test device that can provide your prescription in a matter of few minutes and in an entertaining way. Whether it is on the vision care side or the consumer electronic side, we keep our mission at heart.

Today may not be as auspicious a day as March 10, 1876 (1st phone call, obviously!) or October 2, 1925 (1st day of a working TV) but December 6, 2022 is a day to remember for all at CREAL and the vision care world.

On this day Alex Kvasov, our CTO, received the first-ever spectacles prescribed by a purely digital light-field refraction test. Using a lens-free phoropter that displays objects at many different dioptric powers simultaneously, CREAL’s revolutionary light-field technology gave Alex his prescription in less than 2 minutes.

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