What you can see in CREAL VR light-field headset

Voilà! A new video filmed directly through the lens of our VR headset! We moved not only from a car to the spaceship. We made our light-field compatible with practically any existing standard 3D content source at practically no extra computing cost! Something, many people considered fundamentally impossible.

Even though the footage cannot provide the experience while getting it at least somehow ok is an ordeal 😅, (that’s probably why almost no one else is showing that) we are happy to show the real content to all of you who didn’t get to try it live at latest shows.

Note, that only the light-field region in the center (slightly left) is the region our eyes can see at high resolution. In real experience it is as big as a laptop screen. The periphery image is much wider (>100deg field of view) and is lower quality as the eyes actually see equally badly in this region.