AWE 2024 panel – Display technologies for the post-passthrough era

In the AWE 2024 panel “Beyond passthrough: How new display technologies can shape the future of AR glasses”, panelists Andrea Bravo, Naamah Argaman, Marty Banks, Avi Bar-Zeev and Tomas Sluka discussed how see-through display technologies can shape the post-passthrough era and play a key role in bringing the ultimate AR glasses to all, considering feasibility, customizability, and wearable, visual and social comfort aspects.

Note the introduction by Martin Banks to the vergence-accommodation conflict as a key issue on the path to building an AR display system tailored to the human visual system: “In the display world, in stereoscopic displays, we typically break that relationship (between vergence and accommodation). […] That’s an issue. It requires the (visual) system to not work the way it was designed and normally does work.”

You can watch below the full recording of the panel, further highlighting (starting 16.30s) the importance of interactions happening within arm’s reach distance and correct focusing cues in delivering the optimal visual experience.